I spit in sinks and to sick beats
"Half sweet/half acid"
Chubby sour patch kid
eat everything in your fridge
like my name was Fat Bastard.
Lyrical poet and mathematical prodigy
my stack of rhymes keeps growing expedentially
like y=mx+b.
I wouldn't call this shit clever
or show any remorse
Teenage driving obstacle course
I'll knock you down
I HM01 myself before i sleep
i bleed deep into these dreams
Without my meds, I'll end up like Charlie Sheen
"A billion to zero" and nobody can stop this
lock you in the bathroom unconscious.

I may appear to be happy
im miserable as fuck
I stole that from Tyler the Creator
i guess just kinda stuck.
Wondering what the hell i've done
I've asked my friends to help
but im stuck without a paddle
I'd like to find my princess, but an ugly bastard stole her
and is in another castle.


My friend, Branden, showed me this video a few days ago..SHIT IS SOOO DOPE!!!!

Anyway, I thought about it and the first album that I'm going to listen to( see last post) is Led Zepp II. It's about to be dope haha.

much <3

Ello =D
Ello there! =D
Today was pretty much a good day! I didn't get to write yesterday, mostly because i was A) lazy and B) went out and hung with the guys
anyways, I had an interesting thought today. Realizing i have a decent amount of music and i believe a majority of it happens to be filler, when the weather gets warmer, i am going to listen to EVERY album on my ipod. NOW!!! what i will do is leave about an hour a day(when sunny/no snow on the ground) to go outside and listen to one or two albums in nature. This way i will not have any distractions and find the inner beauty within the song, and maybe think about the next few days to come or my life's problems. I'm going to ponder this idea but i think its a really really awesome idea!!!! =D

Also, this week is really looking up for me! I've been more social and cannot wait for the weekend and next week ;)

Its raining outside. Im broke as hell and i have sooo much time to kill in school. I guess il watch stand up specials til my battery dies or
I die of hunger. Peace be with you

First Post


Well this is my first entry here! (Applause) I'll start off by introducing myself
I'm Eric Jenkins and im from CT. Im 19 and go to Manchester Community College. I really love music and film. I have a few really really close friends and have lost a lot over the last few years. I hade the greatest job ever and lost it just before Christmas this year. I've lost friends that i grew fond of over and sometimes really miss them.
What else is there to know.. Every girl i meet, im automatically friend-zoned but sometimes i do enjoy the female friends i have met.
ANYWAY! less bitching, more introductions!
I'm studying film studies at MCC, so i can write critiques for websites or newspapers. Movies are a great way to escape from the everyday norms of society. You get sucked into their enviroment and gain entrance into their life.  I also enjoy reading on occasions. My favorite authors are David Sedaris, Rainn Wilson (dwight from the Office) and many others. I tend to read comedic biographies, true crime novels, and self help books.
I used to game as a serious hobby a while ago and tend to have urges to pick up the controller and play, but sadly, only play when bored.
I love the ladiesthats neato
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